The New Bizarro Author Series

The New Bizarro Author Series is a yearly crop of novellas that Eraserhead Press has been publishing since 2009. The goal is to shine a spotlight on new authors while also subjecting them to a kind of trial by fire. In the year following their publication, the men and women of the NBAS must prove their creativity, their devotion, and their entrepreneurial acumen. If they can make sales and build an audience, then riches and spices and influence in the Imperial Court will be their. If they can’t, it’s straight to the Acid Pits. Or something like that.

But seriously, the NBAS has launched many a career. People who wouldn’t otherwise get published are being given the opportunity to prove themselves, to have their voices heard. I have the privilege of being part of the 2015-2016 New Bizarro Author Series and it’s a lot like being part of a cabal. Our group is the largest to date, arguably the most diverse, and the most collaborative. Stay tuned, because it’s going to be a hell of a year.

From the Eraserhead Press website:

What can we look forward to from this year’s New Bizarro Author Series?


Okay, fine. It won’t be those things but this year we’ve got an erotic thriller about a man falling for a spider, life inside a giant planet eating robot, a Gamergater at a high school for Japanese magical girls, Alice Cooper’s head, Van Gogh as an ice cool 80s vice cop, the terrible truth behind rainbows, living siege towers in a Kaiju ravaged future, hijinks at a Summer camp for slashers and a Brazilian giant much loved by our community tells the story of a headless boy and a yellow balloon seeking the meaning of life at an insane apocalyptic mall. We think you’ll find pretty much everything there is to love about the genre in these nine books by authors from four different countries, stories that range from bent science fiction to splatstick to psychedelia. These books are fucking cool and so are the people who wrote them.

The books will be released November 5, 2015 to correspond with the first night of the 8th Annual BizarroCon.

You can read the whole thing and catch a sneak peak of all the NBAS titles by clicking here.